Come visit the past by walking through our museum. Displays include a tea room, kitchen, living room, doctor’s office, drugstore, hair salon, school room and general store.

Sponsored by

Hudson Bay & District Cultural Society
Box 931
512 Churchill Street
Hudson Bay, SK  S0E 0Y0
Phone: (306) 865-2170

Hours of operation

June- Friday & Saturday from 1-5pm
July & August- Tuesday-Saturday: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Tours are available year round by appointment (call list on the door of museum). Our tour guides will take you around the museum and explain each exhibit from the past.


The museum holds a variety of different items that people can buy for themselves or for family and friends. When you visit ask our staff members and they will help you buy the items you want.

Tea Room

This room is likely as it was in the 1950's. There is a beautiful hutch used to store food, dishes and cutlery. It has a gas stove which replaced the wood stove. This room is where the ladies of the Hudson Bay & District Cultural Society and visitors have their tea and cookies.


The kitchen was the domain of a pioneer woman. The kitchen was the central work area. The preparing, canning, cooking, eating and washing were done here. All of her work utensils were powered by hand such as slicers, grinders, pumps, churns, breadmakers, cream separators, irons, mixers, juicers and ice cream makers.

Doctor\'s Office

A doctor was a dream come true in a small town. While they mainly delivered babies, doctors performed surgeries and healed in the crudest places with the barest minimum of medicine. Most of the items here belonged to Dr. J.B. Silver who practiced medicine for 48 years in Hudson Bay. Other doctors involved with this area were Dr. Robert Ewing and Dr. Robert McGill Cumberland.


The place to find your medical needs. It contains many different kinds of medicines and other items that are found in a drugstore. With our pharmacist, this room creates interest for our visitors.

Living Room

A cozy place to do your reading would be in the living room. A family's entertainment would involve playing the organ or listening to the radio.

Hair Salon

Mainly women are interested in this area because of its variety of cosmetics, wigs, hair necessities and hats. The perm machine attracts attention to our visitors because this machine was used in 1935 to perm hair. The perm machine used heat instead of the chemicals used today.


An area of interest to many visitors. It contains desks, books and other school items. Many class pictures are hung up on the walls. Visitors often recall memories of their school days.

General Store

Come view a store of years gone by. A place where people not only shopped, but spent time visiting, playing cards or catching up on the news.